it’s here Is a Canadian cloud-based software company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with high growth potential and an aggressive expansion plan!

We aim to disrupt the last-mile delivery market by automating all the tasks associated with last-mile delivery and becoming the primary go-to delivery platform for enterprises big and small!

With proper funding we believe we can achieve all our goals!

Where Does “it”
Come From?

it’s here is the result of many years of experience within the logistics industry and years of researching the most challenging problems facing logistics professionals daily.

Through operating our delivery logistics company, DelGate, we gained firsthand experience with the challenges that exist within the delivery industry. This allowed us to gain significant insider knowledge and detailed information on delivery operations, which we have analyzed in depth.

By catering to various retail, commercial, and logistics industries, each with its own set of requirements, we’ve developed a cloud-based platform that simplifies all the complex processes and streamlines delivery.

We recognized the limitations and frustrations of traditional delivery services. People often had no idea when their packages would arrive, resulting in inconvenience and frustration. Waiting for deliveries was an unpleasant experience, especially when they weren’t sure who would be delivering it. On top of that, traditional delivery services could be expensive. We listened to these concerns and developed a solution.

As a result, we’ve created a dynamic, user-friendly, and cost-effective delivery alternative that addresses these issues and more. Our last-mile delivery software is designed specifically for enterprises, providing fast, reliable service and end-to-end visibility. We’re confident that our platform is the best option for businesses seeking efficient, hassle-free delivery.

Top Customer Pain Points Within the Delivery Industry

Our Mission

To simplify & automate last-mile delivery making it easier, faster & cheaper.

Our Vision

To become the primary solution enterprises choose for last-mile delivery.

Achievable Target Market Goals (Year 1)

Goal 1

Minimum of 456 registered businesses (0.45% of Vancouver market share)

Goal 2

Minimum 72,000 users (5% of Vancouverites, 45% of Vancouver delivery app users)

Goal 3

Minimum of 605 registered small logistics companies (22% of Vancouver market share)

Our records in DelGate indicate that we can partner with 8 large-sized businesses and 30 small to medium-sized businesses through our direct sales process in one month and in each focused area. We can conservatively anticipate achieving 456 businesses by the end of year 1.

As a comparison, DoorDash started business in Vancouver in Dec 2015. After 3.5 years, they had gained 1814 partner restaurants within Metro Vancouver, from a total of approximately 6,000 restaurants (30% of the market share, or at least 518 businesses a year).

Our target market within Vancouver comprises over 101,000 businesses, of which we set a goal of 456 new businesses signed up within our first year. This conservative sales goal is less than 1% of the market share which we believe is achievable as a worst-case scenario.

Should we achieve similar success to the DoorDash model we can estimate 8,720 businesses per year, (with only 8.6% of the market share).

What We Have Done

Ready to Get Started?

Our last-mile delivery app is designed to provide a seamless experience without the need for any subscription.



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Download it’s here Delivery app and join us today
You can download and install the it’s here delivery app on Apple or Android devices. Tap the Google Play icon or Apple Store icon to download.
Download it’s here Delivery app and join us today
You can download and install the it’s here delivery app on Apple or Android devices. Tap the Google Play icon or Apple Store icon to download.